Unboxing the KBDfans Epoch TKL (80%) keyboard

Friday, March 5, 2021

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A quick unboxing of the KBDfans Epoch TKL (80%) with macro shots.

The KBDfans Epoch TKL (80%) keyboard kit was released in a spot sale and group buy on 2021-02-22.


  • Case: KBDfans Epoch TKL (80%) aluminum in black, grey, and e-white
  • Mount: Gaskets structure
  • Plate: Carbon fiber
  • PCB: Solder-only PCB as of initial sale
  • Additional PCB: Daugherboard ?? with USB-C
  • Screws, rubber feet, gaskets, etc.

Included in the box

Here is a brief layer-by-layer breakdown of what is included in the Epoch keyboard kit box.

Unopened Epoch box

Accessories at the top of the box

Epoch PCB in the box

Epoch case in the box

Epoch plate in the box

Epoch case (e-white)

The Epoch keyboard kit was offered in black, grey, and e-white. The case is aluminum, with the black and grey options likely being anodized and the e-white, as the name implies, being electrophoresis.

Front of the Epoch case (e-white)

Back of the Epoch case (e-white)

Interior of the Epoch case (e-white)

PCB and daugherboard

The initial 2021-02-22 spot sale and group buy for the Epoch only offered a solder PCB. Extras had to be requested via customer support.

Front of the Epoch solder PCB

Back of the Epoch solder PCB

Close of up of the ATmega chip on the Epoch solder PCB

The kit includes a small daughterboard PCB with USB-C.

Epoch daugherboard PCB