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My name is Matt. I'm into technology, photography, cooking, traveling, exploring new ideas and new cultures, thinking through interesting technology and business problems, and more. I believe in progress through research, technology, and learning, and above all else, enjoying the journey from start to finish.

The world is a fascinatingly complex place, with opportunities to learn at every turn. These days, I'm playing around with data visualizations, web components, and mirrorless photography with vintage lenses.

I publish software under the name devadvance. This includes software like RootCloak, SMS Backup Reader, and more.

I lead the Jersey City Innovation Center for BNY Mellon, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. We're working with many new technologies and innovative ideas to deliver amazing product for our clients, their clients, fintechs, and the financial world in general.

Prior to jumping into the working world, I studied Computer Science and Spanish at the University of Pittsburgh.

More about me


I love technology. Whether it's coding up this site, testing a new product, researching scalable NoSQL clusters, or experimenting with user experience, technology is my passion. Bring it on.


With patience and practice, photography gives me a chance to see anything from a different perspective, from portraits to landscapes, and everything in between. I am currently shooting a full frame mirrorless with manual Leica and Canon FD lenses.


The most difficult question to be asked: "What's your favorite food?" Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Latin—you name it. I love eating and cooking them all.

Fitness Guy

While I don't believe in going crazy over it, a healthy body is part of a healthy mind. A balance of gym-going, good food, and general fitness will affect your life in a positive way.


New is always interesting. I love to explore; whether it's being open to new ideas, traveling to unlikely places, or trying a new restaurant around the block.


A healthy mixture of books, news articles, and wiki articles go a long way. Continuous learning and knowledge keeps my brain happy.